Mental Training for Figure Skaters

Mental Training for Figure Skaters
Powerful mental training formulas for increasing figure skating performance while bringing body and mind into balance. The simple but effective techniques have been proven to work through research and hands-on experience by United States Olympic Committee sport psychologists developed for Team USA.

Five key mental skill areas skaters can quickly utilize in their everyday training.
Self Talk
The athlete's internal language impacts performance. The common negative self-talk many great athlete's suffer from can quickly undo great training and talent in achieving their dreams. By learning to reframe negative self-talk, the athlete is empowered to reach maximum confidence and potential.

Energy Management
Fine tuning energy levels and concentration for consistently optimal performance.

Peak Performance Preparation
Strengthening the connection between good training and great competitions.

Visualization / Hypnotherapy
Mental imagery is a powerful tool that helps skaters focus on their strengths, build confidence and improve performance. Visualization is a technique in which you imagine yourself in a specific skating environment performing a specific element or routine successfully. The technique is extremely valuable in helping skaters to achieve their elements faster and in facilitating successful competition and test performances. 

Goal Setting
Creating a clear path to success from long term to short term goals. Creating yearly, monthly, weekly and daily plans in a structured format to achieve the goal.

Rosie has always had a passion for understanding the mind body connection and helping skaters by using a holistic approach to training which includes visualization techniques, mental power training, counseling and hypnotherapy. She strives to help skaters to be healthy and successful, by counseling them when needed to manage the pressures that may come with competition, testing and schoolwork, and to maintain balanced nutrition and positive body image. In the past 20 years of coaching elite skaters, Rosie has developed this holistic approach and is now offering private and group counseling to skaters and teams worldwide. Rosie is certified in hypnotherapy and counseling. Additionally she is trained in ‘Mental Training for Athletes’  by The United States Olympic Committee for Team USA.